Security, Safety and Care are the 3 keywords for Min/mitXX to be communicated to the user


The user gets relevant information about the car via the App including:

The user will be able to see where the car is at the location
The user is made aware of his fuel level
The user is made aware of any error codes and/or warninglamps
The user is reminded of when it is time for service
The user gets an overview of their trips


If the accident is out and your car is stolen, it will be possible for the user to find his/her car on the map in the application and it will be easier to help police in the investigation of the stolen car.
In case of malfunction of the car, the user always has his workshop "right in his pocket".
Users can connect their app with "EasyPark" and get reminders from us to remember to start the parking when they are in a payment area - Furthermore we stop the parking when the user leaves the parking area.


The user will experience proactive care from the service advisers who helps taking good care of the car in between workshop visits. Due to the fact that the workshops have the complete overview of your car regarding lamps and error codes, they can in this way contact the user if necessary, and if permission from customer is given to do so.
Always present Min/MitXX for the user at the workshop.

When selling Min/MitXX you can emphasize the following advantages of the product for the customer:

With Min/MitXX you automatically get a notification when it's time for service and you can book your appointment directly in the app. Then your workshop will automatically get the exact information about your car.
With Min/MitXX you automatically get an explanation of how to behave when a lamp is lit. We can automatically see the technical details of the failure and can advise you on what type of repair to expect, due to the fact that the unit will work as if you are connecting a tester.
With Min/MitXX it is easy to book time for service, repairs and tire changes - even outside our business hours.
With Min/MitXX we can look up your car and see if any active warninglamps are serious, or if you can continue your trip safely

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