When ordering units and stickers home, use the following numbers:

CC unit: TIL000100
B-pillar stickers: KAT100020
Brochures for customers: KAT100021

A special cable has come home to be used for the "old" VW Crafter.
Do not order home for stock as we do not have many, but as needed.
It is ordered under number TIL000500 KAB (there are two spaces between the number and KAB)

CC unit: TIL000300
B-pillar stickers: R2100
Brochures for customers: R2105

CC unit: TIL000400
B-pillar stickers: R50101
Brochures for customers: R50100

CC unit: TIL000200
Stickers: KAT100034
Brochures for customers: KAT100035

CC unit: TIL000601

The units cost 1000 kr per piece when they are ordered from the warehouse which you must invoice the customer who bought the fleet for yourself.

Do not include stickers or leaflets. REMEMBER to contact support when mounting a NON-VAG unit to configure the unit

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