In order for data to be collected from a car, it requires either one:

User on the car who has accepted the terms or
Fleet on the car
This is done by using the Activation Wizard on the image gallery page. See picture.

When you click the button, a box opens to decide whether it is a private car (eg MinVolkswagen, MinSKODA) or a fleet vehicle (fx. companies or demo and rental cars).

Use the guide and start the activation.

Please note that GPS and GPRS connections are not required to start activation. It will automatically enable the car to finally activate and collect the data when:

  • Both GPS and GPRS are connected

  • Once the user has accepted the terms (only applicable to private cars)

What if I misspelled the email address?
Then you simply cancel the invitation and invite again. See how to do so in this guide.

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