Go to the Alarms section on WS 2.0
(Go to https://app.intercom.io/a/apps/llzeh00d/articles/articles/2446710/show to get an overview of the Icons).
Choose Service Reminders. You will open a list for Your Workshop of all users who have received a service reminder through their app .

When you call or write to these customers to ask whether you should book a service for them, they may say that they do not want a service.  There may be various reasons for this, and it may be difficult to get a full picture.

You can now register a reason, enabling the garage to take action and resolve the cause of the problem. 


  1. In the Service Reminder list, find the car You want to register reason.

  2. Click on the three dots at the far right and click ‘Close service reminder’

  3. Select the customers primary reason for closing the request. If the reason does not match the standard options, select ‘Other reason’

That's it! In the dashboard, we display a ranked list.

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