99% of all defects in MyVolkswagen/MySEAT/MySkoda/MyAudi is due to firmware or software errors. 

Therefore, the device should only be replaced if the troubleshooting schedule indicates that this is necessary, or if agreed upon with Connected Cars.

Returning a defective device:

If a device is replaced because it was found to be defect, it MUST be returned as any other normal sparepart.

Along with the exchanged device, following must be included in the package; Filled warranty form and troubleshooting guide. If mentioned is not included with the returned device, no reimbursement can be made.

The devices will be tested before any payment is refunded for devices under guarantee.

Refunding payment:

During the dialogue about troubleshooting, we will agree on the number of time units that can be refunded at the applicable hourly rate under guarantee.

  • The invoice must state: The vehicle’s reg. no., CC device number (new and, if applicable, old), error specification and who, at Connected Cars, approved the payment (Jesper, Claudia, Yann or Josefine).
  • The new "CC-package" cannot be invoiced to Connected Cars, but must me invoiced internally to the importer

Payment can be made internally to dealer 736 and salary no. 2010.

Connected Cars A/S. Company reg. (CVR) no.: 38153080. Park Allé 355. 2605 Brøndby.

Alternatively, to: Notes ‘reference 2010’  EAN no: 5790002337499

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