The signal button is at the top of the page with the vehicle’s details, and it provides information about the signal to the device installed in the vehicle. You need to click the button to see details.

It can be:

  • Grey

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Red

Grey button:

Means that the device is not activated or that there is no longer a device in the vehicle. If there is a Unit ID registered (as below) it should be cleared by Support.

Green button:

Means that there has been connection to the device within the last 24 hours.

Yellow button: 

Means that there is no connection to the device.
This can be caused by ‘Not connected’ next to GPS and GPRS. In these cases, you should follow the ‘Lack of signal or data’ guide:

Or it can be caused by "Waiting for user consent". When user has finished the consent flow, the unit will become active.

Red button: 

This means that the system does not recognize the device. This may be because the SN-ID has been noted incorrectly and therefore does not exist – so check this first. However in some cases there could be something wrong with the device. Always write to Support in such cases.

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