If you have a vehicle in the garage and you suspect an issue that is causedby MyXX, you should always contact Support before you begin troubleshooting. This will ensure that you do not spend unnecessary time on troubleshooting. 

Contact Support via the headphones icon on the portal or send an email to support@connectedcars.dk. As soon as Support has received your enquiry, it will be forwarded to our CANBUS team. They will then answer your written enquiry directly or contact you by phone. You should therefore always add your telephone number to such enquiries, so that the CANBUS team can call you if necessary. 

You must also describe the vehicle's issue and include the vehicle’s details (vehicle identification number, registration number or SN-ID). 

NB!! It is important that the vehicle is at the garage, because CANBUS is not able to troubleshoot if it does not have access to the vehicle. 

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