We have added collaboration with EasyPark to the Min/MitXX app.

In the app, we prompt the user to start a parking session when the vehicle is in an EasyPark payment zone.

The reminder says ‘Your (vehicle’s model) has parked in the vicinity of a payment zone. Click here to start a parking session or ignore this zone.’

Clicking the reminder and then ‘Pay with EasyPark’ will redirect the user to the EasyPark app where the user will start the parking session as usual.

When the ignition is switched on again, the parking session will automatically stop.

  • The customer must create an account in the EasyPark app to use this integration feature.

  • Parking is still paid for in the EasyPark app


The EasyPark integration is only a help. It is not a guarantee! Therefore, it is still the user’s responsibility to check:

  • That the parking session starts in the correct payment zone

  • That the parking session uses the correct registration number

  • That the parking session ends in the EasyPark app

Connected Cars does not share any of the user’s data with EasyPark. Therefore, we are not able to preselect the vehicle or the zone for the user in the EasyPark app.

Connected Cars does not cover the expense of any parking charges the user may receive. If you have a user who complains about a parking charge, please follow the ‘EasyPark – Procedure for parking charges’ guide

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