An insurance company may require that there is a tracker in the car before they want to insure the car. Typically, this is a requirement on expensive cars.

This tracker must be insurance approved.

It will usually not mean cheaper insurance for the user but it will give approval to get the car insured,

With our device, the user can track where the car is. However, we have no agreements with any insurance companies about this, but this is clearly something we are working on.

In order for our unit to be approved, it must be approved by "Insurance and Pension", which are the ones that approve for all insurance companies. However, an insurance company may well approve our device as a tracker for themselves.

So if a request is received regarding whether our unit is insurance approved as a tracker then the answer is no, but the user may really want to give the information about our unit to their insurance company as this increases the possibility of getting it approved in the long run.

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