Exchange of unit:
In the event of an error on "MinVolkswagen / MinSEAT / MinŠKODA / MitAudi" in almost all cases it will be firmware/software error. So the device must only be replaced if Connected Cars Support has approved this.

Troubleshooting on unit:
Before troubleshooting on the device, contact support. The troubleshooting must be approved before starting the work on the unit. The troubleshooting must be done using the troubleshooting cheme part. 2.

Returnment of defect unit:
If a unit is replaced because it has been found defective, it must be returned within 30 days. The unit must be handled like any other broken sparepart. In other words, you must follow the normal complaint process. It should not be sent to Connected Cars.

The package must together with the unit, include the parts claim sheet

Guidelines for settlement: (NOTE. New actions from 01.01.2021)

  • Invoices where the issue has not been reported to support, will be rejected.

  • Invoices that are sent more than 30 days after the issue has been reported will be rejected.

  • NEW NEW NEW: The following setup for installation, exchange, demounting and troubleshooting.




10 TE


25 TE (Demounting incl.)


40 TE

All timeunits are fixed, and the timeunits for troubleshooting are solely based on the troubleshootinscheme part 2.
Please make sure to have the new troubleshootingscheme available. You can find it here in the helpcenter.

  • All invoices must be to the warranty houlr rate

  • consumables and enviriomental taxes cannot be invoiced

  • Relevant diagnostic protocol is sent (only in case of discharging)
    Without a diagnostic protocol, we reserve the right to reject the warranty application (Resting current measurement must be performed via ODIS test equipment and must be measured via "measuring technique")

  • A pro forma invoice (offer) must be sent for approval before the final invoice is issued. This is sent to - att Josefine Enemark.


The invoice must state:

Old unit ID

New unit ID

Error description

Timeunits and the hourly rate

Who has approved the case

  • The new "CC-package" use for installation will not be invoices to Connected Cars, but internally to the importer.

  • Invoice is sent to dealer no. 736 and payrole no. 2010,

Connected Cars A/S. CVR: 38153080. Park Alle 355. 2605 Brøndby

Alternatively to: Note “reference 2010” EAN nr: 5790002337499

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