As a manager you need an easy way of sending quotes to customers, as well as an organized overview of all sent/pending/accepted quotes in the system.

Here is how you send a quote:

  1. Go to the Conversations page

  2. Select the customer you wish to send the quote and open a conversation

  3. Click the "Add quote" in the reply-window

4. Choose a title for the quote and type in the price

5. Upload your formal offer (pdf-file) that you generate from your own DMS system

6. Set the expiration date. All quotes have a pre-filled expiration date of typically 14 days, but you can manually edit it as you like

7. Tick the box labeled Customer books via E-booking if you want the customer to be taken directly to your workshop's booking page when accepting your offer

8. Click “Send” when you have filled out the relevant information

That’s it for sending quotes!

Once a quote has been accepted or revoked by the customer you will receive an instant mail notification so you can follow up.

What the customers see

The customer receives quotes in their app's chat and receive up to 4 mails regarding the offer. In the app the customer can view the offer, open and read the pdf-file you may have included, and choose to accept, decline or leave it for the moment being.

Whether the quote has been accepted, declined or is still pending, you can always keep track of everything in the quotes overview.

What mails are sent to the customer

The customer receives up to 4 mails regarding the quote from it is sent from the workshop, till it is either accepted, rejected, or it expires. The first mail is sent at the same time as the quote is created and sent from the workshop, and it looks like this:

If the customer does not react to the quote a reminder is sent after 2 days which looks like this:

After 7 days from the quote is sent another reminder goes out to the customer's mail inbox, if they have yet to either accept or reject the offer:

On the day where the quote expires, if they have still not reacted to it, a final reminder mail is sent, which looks as such:

Quotes overview

Now, let’s say you have many quotes out there. How do you get an overview over which quotes are pending actions from customers or workshop? Or, which quotes have been accepted?

Here is what you do to view all quotes:

  1. Go to Leads page

  2. Select Quotes

  3. You will open an overview of all existing quotes, which you can filter as you’d like - e.g. expiring in 15 days, status: Accepted, etc.

In Expiration you can filter based on the number of days until the quote expires. You can choose between All, 30 days, 15 days and 10 days

In Follow up, you can filter based on the number of calls or messages has been sent about the quotes

In State, you can organize your overview and only view quotes that have been e.g. Accepted, Revoked, etc.. In the example below, the overview will only show the quotes that have been accepted by the customer:

Revoking or accepting a quote

But what if you need to revoke the quote for whatever reason, or if the customer accepts the quote over the phone and you want to accept it on behalf of the customer?

There are three ways to revoke or accept a quote on behalf of the customer. Here is the first way to go about it:

  1. Go to the Conversations page

  2. Select the customer you sent the quote to and open a conversation

  3. The quote will appear in the conversation and you may either Revoke or Accept on behalf of the customer

The other way to go about revoking or accepting a quote on behalf of a customer is:

  1. Go to Leads page

  2. Click the Quotes icon

  3. Select the customer you sent the quote to

  4. click the icon to the right-most of the vehicle as indicated by the arrow below

  5. When clicking, you choose either Accept on behalf of customer or Revoke

The third way to go about revoking or accepting a quote on behalf of a customer is:

  1. Go to the Vehicles page

  2. Search for the vehicle in the searchbar

3. Click the vehicle to open Vehicle Details

4. Open Vehicle Details and view the conversation window to the right

5. Click either “Revoke” or “Accept” in the quote in the conversation window

That’s all there is to it!

OBS: It may happen, that you send a quote to a customer who then changes preferred workshop to try and get another offer. This will be reflected in the quote overview with a greyed out row and a tooltip saying the customer changed workshop. You can choose to revoke the quote if you want.

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