This troubleshooting guide must not be used if Part 1 has not been followed, unless Support asks you to do otherwise. You will find part 1 here:

If the customer returns after a number of days and trips and there is still no connection to the device, we will in most cases ask you to book the car for service in order to undertake further troubleshooting. At this point it is important that the customer is not booked as a waiting customer, as we can not say in advance how long this troubleshooting will take.

These are the steps followed when the car is called in at the workshop:

If following these troubleshooting steps does not help, the workshop must return to Support with the itinerary followed in the chart. (There is a "path number" next to each step in the troubleshooting chart)

Once Support has been informed on what conclusions the workshop has arrived after troubleshooting the device, we will provide an answer as to whether further investigation is needed or whether the device should be replaced.

If the device is to be replaced, the previous device must be returned to the warehouse (Banemarksvej 16, Br√łndby) in order for us to us to test the unit and examining the underlying malfunction. In this way we gain insight into our customers' experience and thus take corrective actions and optimize the product.

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