Workshops have many customers in varying vehicle age segments. Using the workshop tool you will in real-time see when error codes and alarms appear, as well as when the customers' vehicles require service.

With the Potential Revenue-feature workshops will be able to estimate the monetary value of following up on leads and servicing their customers, while maintaining a strong relationship between vehicle-owner and workshop.

How to enable the Potential Revenue-feature and edit pricing

To enable or disable this feature the workshop manager must go into Settings and choose Workshop. In Workshop settings the manager selects Leads and toggles the Potential Revenue per lead-functionality on or off.

When the workshop manager first enables the Potential Revenue-feature there are set a default pricing for different leads. All users of the Workshop tool can see the set pricing of leads, but only the managers can edit these if need be. Simply click the blue edit-icon and correct the pricing, and finish by clicking Save.

More will be added, but the current Leads that have been applied the Potential Revenue-feature are:

  • Service check

  • Oil change

Potential Revenue in the Leads-overview

By selecting to view e.g. Service reminders in Leads the user is shown the table of vehicle information, where a column displays the potential revenue for each vehicle. It is possible to sort the table by revenue.

The user can also view the accumulated, potential revenue displayed in the tab showing number of all active leads.

Users can click the blue edit-icon in the tab to be taken directly to the Workshop settings-page where pricing per lead-type is displayed. Only workshop managers can edit these.

How is it possible to set value on this?

The Potential Revenue-feature works as an estimate. It is entirely possible that pricing has been underestimated, as local conditions, work hours and many other elements have not been taken into account in the calculations. The workshops' professional assessments should always be taken into account.

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