Do you experience that a vehicle does not show the same data as other vehicles do? Or do you experience that it can take days before a vehicle shows certain information?

This is because not all vehicles are created equal. They have different communication protocols and different ECUs across make, model, year, and engine code. Our unit tries to identify exactly what type of unique combination a particular car is and downloads the right configuration if a match is found. If it's a unique combination we have never seen before, you might not get the data that you are used to from other models. These are flagged so they can be reversed and supported in the future.

Is there some information that a car cannot tell us?

Even if we have a matching configuration, some cars only support a subset of data, like e.g. the triplets Up!, Mii, Citigo that supports oil change data, but not service data. Some cars support fuel level in percent and some fuel level in liters.

The following examples explains how we handle the different cases.

If data is up-to-date

If a vehicle shows data where the numbers are written in black and the levels are blue, then the data has been recently updated from the vehicle.

This is shown in the example below:

If data is a few days old

If it has been a few days since the vehicle's unit has sent the data then the data points will be greyed out. Hover the mouse-cursor on the data points and a tooltip will appear and read how many days it has been since the data was received.

This is shown in the example below:

If it has been X days since the data was last received it can be due to the vehicle having been parked for a while. When the vehicle ignition is turned on the data will update once again. If this is not the case it is advised that you contact support.

If no data received yet supported by the unit

If a vehicle has just had its unit installed, and it supports the data points, then you may experience that the data is presented with a dash ("-"). Hover the mouse-cursor on these and a tooltip will reveal that no data has been received yet.

For some data points it can take a non-stop 15-minute drive for the data point to come through.

If data not supported by the unit

On the vehicle details-page you can also see if a data point is currently not supported by the unit's firmware. The reason could be that they system couldn't recognise what car it was and therefore not dedicate the right configuration to unit. Report to support if problem persist.

OBS! The software in the vehicle's unit is in constant development. Therefore there will come improvements as time goes by and in the future it is possible that more data points gets supported.

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