As an importer you need a tool that gives you a clear overview of how well your workshops are performing and the reach of your connectivity. And in the workshops it is very useful to follow the trends of leads created in time periods comparatively. With the Activations and Performance dashboard this is all possible!

You have different dashboard metrics available with helpful insights into platform and user performance, chat usage and lead creation, and other valuable data. All are available with preset or customized time periods. Read on to learn more.

How the dashboard works

In the top-left corner you can select which workshop(s) to view metrics of. In the opposite top-corner is the time period-selector. You can select between preset periods or make your own custom time period, and all metrics will update to reflect your selection.

Under many of the metrics you will see its trend. The trend shows the development from the immediate previous period from what is currently selected. This means that if you have selected to show e.g. New activations from the Last 7 days, the trend will show the comparison from the 7 days prior to then. This way you can immediately see if your efforts have lead to an improvement.

In the example below the workshop(s) have seen an improvement of +2.0% in New activations since the previous period:

Data will be processed daily and new data will become available around noon CET each day. This means that all data will be at least 1 day old.

All metrics have an info-box with a description of what data they track, if you ever need a reminder:

Note: there are a few extra metrics available to importers only. These are: Workshop activity, App users, and Marketing campaigns sent.

Connection rate

The Connection rate is the percentage of eligible cars leaving the workshop with an active connection compared to the throughput. The throughput refers to the total number of vehicles that have been coming through the workshop in the selected period.

Which vehicles that are eligible is decided by the importer and can e.g. exclude certain years, models, makes, etc..

OBS! Connection rate data can change 11 days prior to the current date

Before a vehicle counts as a connected vehicle it needs to be activated. When a customer is invited they might take a few days before completing the activation flow. Therefore we have built-in a 7-day grace period that takes this into account.

Additionally, we have to take processing time and potential data delivery disruptions into the equation. Thus, you can expect stable connection rate data 11 days prior to the current day.

Functionality of connection rate

You can hover the mouse over the graph to see more detailed info per day:

In the right corner of the graph it states how old the newest data is. The reason behind the delay in data is the source of the connection rate-data. The data can be delayed on the importers' side, which in turn causes a delay in processing the data for the dashboard.

The importer can set a goal for connection rate for the workshops, which both importers and workshop users will then see in the graph:

In order to get the connection rate metric up and running an integration to the workshop tool system is needed. If you are interested, please contact our support team for more information at

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