When your customers write outside opening hours it is useful to communicate which days and hours you are available in. It can also be beneficial to set up an automated reply within opening hours that states that your workshop's usual response time to incoming requests is 10-20 minutes.

Read on to learn how you enable this function.

Where do you find autoreply

If you are a workshop manager you can go to Workshop settings to turn on autoreply for your workshop. First thing to do is ensure you have selected your workshop in the top menu:

Then you can scroll down to the section titled Auto reply customers. Here you can choose Within workshop opening hours and Outside workshop opening hours:

In order to write an autoreply for e.g. customers writing outside the workshop's opening hours simply click the tile titled Outside workshop opening hours. This will open a module where you can write your message in several languages. You can add languages by clicking the plus-symbol to the left.

You can decide which language is set as the default, which will be marked with a star. If you have an English, a Swedish and a Danish autoreply available, but set the English as default, then a customer writing to you in a fourth language will get the English autoreply.

In the example below the English autoreply has been set as the default language:

If you want to change the default language simply select the language you want and click Set as default:

Remember to save your changes. Be aware that the autoreply still is not enabled. Also be aware that you have to have set work hours for your workshop for this function to work. This is done a little further up on the same page:

How do I enable autoreply?

When you have written your autoreplies and want to enable them all you need to do is tick the Enable-box in the tiles. It is as easy as that!

This is how autoreply looks for your customers once it has been enabled:

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