Sometimes it will be a fleet vehicle that pops up in the leads overview table with an error or with a recommendation for an oil change. To ensure that you get to provide the best service for these vehicles you can now see fleet contact information both where you chat with your customers and on the vehicle's details page.

Read on to learn where you can see the contact information for a fleet vehicle and how you can edit the information for the fleet customer.

Where you can see a fleet vehicle's contact information

When a fleet customer has contacted the workshop about a specific vehicle via chat you will see available fleet contact information in the Conversations details to the right:

When you have a fleet vehicle's details page open you will see any available fleet contact information in the overview:

What should you do if the fleet owner asks you to change the contact information?

As a workshop manager or service advisor you are able to add new or edit existing contact information for the fleet customer. You will need to verify with the owner or manager of the fleet what the contact information should be, but after this you can click into any of the fleet vehicles' details pages and click Edit contact info:

This will open a module where you can change the name, the email and phone number of the contact person(s). Once you are finished, make sure to click Save.

Note: This edit will change the contact information for ALL the fleet's vehicles. Make sure the information is correct, verify with the fleet customer, and remember that it can always be edited later if necessary.

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