When your customers are contacted regarding service or repairs it is beneficial to supply them with a direct link to your workshop's booking page, so they can easily move from lead to loyal, returning customer. Read on to learn how to set a booking link for your workshop.

How booking links work for the customer

On the home screen called "Status" of your customers' app there is a Booking button. If you have not set a booking link in the workshop tool the button will open a new screen where the user can choose to write the workshop in-app or call.

However, if the workshop's booking link has been set in the tool, then that page opens and much of the vehicle's information will prefill into whichever formular you're using. It is super effecient for the customers.

The image belows shows the different customer experiences when booking link is not set (left) vs. when the booking link is set (right):

How to set the booking link in the workshop tool

The process of setting up a booking link for your workshop is fortunately super simple! If your workshop has a website and a booking page, here is what you do:

In the workshop tool, go to Settings > Workshop and make sure that you have your workshop selected in the top menu. Then select Booking and you will see the following screen:

Click the Edit booking button to open a module where you can enter booking links. You can enter a link in two places, one for web and one for mobile. The link can be the same in both places, so having two links merely enables your workshop to maybe have only one or the other, or of course to have different links for the different platform.

Some vehicle information will automatically be prefilled from the app into the booking page, once the customer goes there via the app. These include license plate, mileage, first and last name of the customer, customer email and phone number, as well as address. These will only be prefilled into the booking formular if available via the app.

Remember to maintain the booking links

It is important to remember that, should you make changes or updates to your website's booking page which also updates the URL, you then need to update this in the workshop tool as well. Otherwise, the next time a customer clicks the button they will land on an error page.

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